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Have you ever been thinking to create a data-driven UI and let all data visualized? Have you been wondering how to make data visualization in a fast and effective way? Have you been willing to master the skills to accomplish dynamic SVG data visualizations? The answer is here- D3.js and Firebase. The hot techniques of D3.js and Firebase can make all that come true with ease. To learn D3.js and Firebase together, the Build Data UI’s with D3.js & Firebase course is highly recommended. This course is one of the highest rated web development course on Udemy, the instructor is Shaun Pelling. If you want to know more about D3.js and Firebase, the course will be very beneficial.

About The D3.js And Firebase Course

The Build Data UI’s with D3.js & Firebase course has regarded as 5-star course on Udemy. Whether it is for learning about the popular D3.js JavaScript library or the Firebase flexible database, you will get everything you need to know from the industry’s expert. In the course, there are two big aspects, one is all you need to know about the D3.js, and another is about the Firebase technique. In the whole course, there are 10.5 hours of video guide and 105 lectures.

For Some Details That Each Lecture Gives You, Seen As Follows:

5 lectures about the D3.js And Firebase course introduction
10 lectures will tell you more about SVG and D3 fundamentals, like what SVG is, SVG path, how to set up D3.js, how to select and append elements, text SVG, and more
5 lectures will teach you how to use data with D3.js
8 lectures regarding the knowledge of scales and bar charts, like why and how to use the linear scales, band scales, bar chart, inverting scales, and more
4 lectures help you start with Firestore database. You can know what the Firestore is, how to create and configure Firestore database
8 lectures on the knowledge of the D3 update pattern, how to update visualizations, how to enter and exit groups, how to create update functions and real-time data
5 lectures explain what the D3 transitions are, like how to enter, update, merge, refactor transitions
16 lectures will help you start the first project about the donut chart. You will get a comprehensive guide on how to work with charts effortlessly
6 lectures about the user interaction and events
17 lectures focuses on the line graph visualizations, you are going to making an application using a lot of knowledge you have already learned
5 lectures on data hierarchy. Know what the data hierarchy is and know more about data structure consideration
12 lectures are all about the tree diagram, you will learn how to create a tree diagram
4 lectures for the last chapter, including ES6, arrow functions, filter methods, map methods, template strings and more…

The D3.js and Firebase Course is Designed for Those People Who are:

Before learning the D3.js and Firebase course, you’d better know some basics of JavaScript, HTML and CSS programming skill. The course is a good choice for those developers who are interested in learning D3.js and Firebase techniques, want to know more about data visualization, SVG diagrams, data-driven UI designs.

Final Conclusion

So, if you are looking for a course to learn all about D3.js and Firebase, then the Build Data UI’s with D3.js & Firebase course is a good choice. Udemy offers the course at the very affordable price. If you want to save more money, open the below button to get up to 90% discount now.

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Take This Course Now – 90% Off!

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