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AWS CloudFormation
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Udemy Best AWS CloudFormation Course

The AWS CloudFormation Master Class course is one of the best-selling AWS courses on Udemy, which can teach all the recent and advanced features of Cloud Formation. The course is taught by the Udemy renowned mentor Stephane Maarek, who will give you 3.5 hours of on-demand video, 4 articles, and total 68 lectures for helping better understand all CloudFormation concepts.

Prerequisites to learn the AWS CloudFormation course:

  • Learners should have a basic knowledge of AWS
  • Learners should have the knowledge of JSON or YAML
  • Learners should have a strong willing to learn something new

Who are the courses’ targets?

  • The course is designed for those people who want to know more about AWS CloudFormation
  • The course is right for people who want to be able to write some templates
  • The course also is a good choice for DevOps who are interested in learning CloudFormation templates

What you will learn from the course:

  • You will learn how to take advantage of CloudFormation to steer your team
  • You will learn what the AWS CloudFormation is
  • You will learn how to write your AWS CloudFormation templates
  • You will learn how to build block of CloudFormation
  • You will learn how to utilize YAML to write a template
  • You will learn how to code your own infrastructure
  • You will learn how to launch several templates
  • You will learn how to master all CloudFormation concepts
  • You will learn all resources, parameters, resources, mappings, outputs, conditions, and metadata

What is AWS CloudFormation?

When a user wants to focus on the application running in AWS and tries to do something effective, he or she uses AWS CloudFormation. This is, basically, a service that helps the users in setting up their Amazon Web Service resources. Due to this, the user gives less time in managing these things and spends more time in doing something really productive.

AWS CloudFormation creates and configure AWS resources separately and then finds out what happened to which resource. This is, undoubtedly, one of the most amazing services one can get for AWS resources. You can learn more from the AWS CloudFormation Master Class course. Following are the features and the ways in which AWS CloudFormation works.

The auto-scaling group, elastic load balancer, and database service are all that you need for the scalable web application with a database. It is a tough task to create these resources and then to make them work together. Either, you can go with this process, or can simply create a CloudFormation. This will include all the required services in it and will make your work so easy. This efficiency is the reason that it preferred most and is used by everyone.

If an application is in the need for additional availability, then one has to copy in multiple regions. The reason behind this process is that, if the availability in one reason disappears, then your users will have the option of using the application in other regions. In this whole copying process, you will have to copy your resources also. You need to record all these resources and then will have to configure it all at every place. So, one can either go with this process or can use the AWS CloudFormation that can help you in setting up your resources consistently.

With these points, it must be clear that how useful AWS CloudFormation is and what its benefits are. So, do you want to join the AWS CloudFormation Master Class course today? Click on the below button to get started immediately.

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Take This Course Now – 90% Off!

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