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The Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course provides an introduction to Affinity Photo, the modern and popular image editing program. This course helps you pick up the new image editing skills in Affinity Photo for making your images to look better. If you are beginners complete new to Affinity Photo, here is a right boot camp to get started.

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Introduction to the course:

The Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course is the best-selling beginners guide regarding the knowledge of Affinity Photo. In this course, you will learn to take advantage of Affinity Photo to enhance images, you will learn to know various gotchas and solve problems that may arise. And you will learn to utilize the Affinity Photo proven techniques to make phones really shine.

Who this course is for:

Anyone who want to know about Affinity Photo can learn this Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course.


Learners just need a working copy or demo of Affinity Photo for a Mac/Windows. No prior knowledge of Affinity Photo is required.

What you will learn from each lecture

The Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course comes designed with 12 hours of on-demand video, 94 downloadable resources, and 85 lectures. Next, let’s see what you will learn from each lecture.

  • 4 lectures tell you the interface basics, layer, and the editing process
  • 22 lectures help you get started with the basics. You will learn what a digital photo is, how to crop images, how to rotate images, color balance, how to utilize curves, how sharpen your images and denoise.
  • 18 lectures help you get a deep learning of Affinity Photo, you will learn beyond the basics. You will learn how to convert back and while, how to tint and split tone your image, how to feather and refine, how to use layer masks, how to use the healing tools, and more about layer blend ranges
  • 12 lectures will give you all about the layer blend modes introduction, shapes and vectors, and the techniques to use the pen tool, work with test, clip masks, use the liquify persona, and layer effects and styles.
  • 6 lectures will teach you how to create color swatches
  • 14 lectures will tell you the new thins of the 1.5 upgrade
  • 3 lectures introduce to the 1.6 version
  • 5 lectures introduce to the 1.7 version
  • 1 lectures will tell how to place one image inside another

In a word, the Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations course is right for anyone who want to learn about Affinity Photo. Learn this course using a valid Udemy coupon, you can generate BIG savings up to 90% off.

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Take This Course Now – 90% Off!

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