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Udemy is a unique online learning experience with over 55,000 courses in various disciplines which are being handled by expert instructors and professionals. The Bitcoin Blueprint – Your Guide to Launch Bitcoin Website course stands out as an interesting course to pursue which cover the fundamentals of creating and function of websites with Bitcoin affiliation. This course involves the complex topics of the gains from learning this Bitcoin blueprint and how it can benefit you in terms of money.

Things Learned

  • Learn the set of skills and knowledge required to gain confidence to create your effectively working Bitcoin website
  • Get trained in every step of creating and launch of a Bitcoin website with the use of Weebly Website Builder
  • Learn the ways to earn Bitcoins and also trading the coins for earning inactive income
  • Learn the process of Bitcoin referrals
  • The course includes ways to incorporate a website with various Bitcoin products and referrals to monetize it widely
  • You will learn the best areas where Bitcoin can be used effectively.


The course requires the interested learner to have a fundamental understanding of Bitcoin and the ways how Bitcoin payments can take place. There is no requirement of having the skill set to create and develop a website. The course uses Weebly Website Builder for building Bitcoin affiliated websites and are compatible to the other website builders as well. Apart from a working computer and a strong internet connection, it is recommended that one takes running notes during the course.

The ‘Bitcoin Blueprint – Your Guide to Launch Bitcoin Website’ course has been strategically developed to be a all-around guide which will make you a master in creating and handling Bitcoin websites and affiliations. Based on Weebly Website Builder, the course is very flexible and will help you to work with other website builders too.

The course goes into the subject by introducing you to the requirements of a Bitcoin website launch, monetizing your Bitcoin website, handling Bitcoin advertisements, Bitcoin content and their distribution, cashing the Bitcoin commissions and more. The course also includes promotion of such websites.

Course Material

  • 2.5 hours of on-demand video tutorial
  • Lifetime access
  • 7 Articles
  • 42 lectures
  • Accessible on both TV and mobile devices
  • Certification of completion at the end of course


  • With a peripheral knowledge of Bitcoin and how it works, one can take up the course which will benefit them in understanding the processes linked to creation, launch and active working of websites with Bitcoin affiliation.
  • The application based training of the whole process will boost your confidence to build your very own Bitcoin website.
  • The course is beneficial if you want to earn some money out of Bitcoin transactions. The course reflects on ways the affiliation to Bitcoin can add monetary quotient to your website in terms of referrals, advertisement and more.
  • The course is one atop knowledge point where you can know the ways of working with Bitcoin, the sources to endorse and engage in with the use of Bitcoin and a lot more interesting topics.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Anyone interested in launching and handling websites with Bitcoin affiliation is the perfect match.
  • Anyone looking for methods of passive income, Bitcoin affiliated websites is the way to go.

The course is really value for the money. The uniqueness of the course will surely resolve almost every query you might have regarding the use of Bitcoin for websites. There are 30 days money-back guarantee in case you’re not flattered.

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Take This Course Now – 80% Off!

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