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About Adobe Illustrator CC

The Adobe Systems have designed and marketed a vector graphics editor who is known as the Adobe Illustrator. The Illustrator CC 2017 is the product of the 21st generation, and it is the latest version of Illustrator. Apple Macintosh developed Adobe Illustrator in December. It is also known as the companion of Adobe Photoshop. The only difference between them is that the primary job of Photoshop is to manipulate digital photos whereas Illustrator mainly provides changes in the graphic areas of logos in design.

Adobe Illustrator CC is the 17th version, and a lot of changes have been brought about in color, font as well as the syncing of program settings, easily saving documents to the file, etc. Also, it has introduced new features such as files packaging and CSS extraction. Adobe Illustrator is compatible with Inkscape.

The first thing that you need to learn before mastering Adobe Illustrator is the concept of Vector Graphics. Curves and lines that are defined with the help of mathematical objects known as vectors are known as Vector Graphics. The image is described according to the geometric characteristics. It is easy to modify the vector graphics without the fear of losing the details because they are independent of resolution.

For artwork, the smartest choice is vector graphics as the logos are going to be used in a variety of sizes in a variety of media. If you are one of those students who are looking for a highly-valued course to learn all exclusive skills to be creative with Adobe Illustrator CC, then the Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Training Taught By Experts of Infinite Skills on Udemy platform is a right place to start.

About This Adobe Illustrator CC Course

The Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial is very obviously designed for the beginners. There is no experience required. The thing that is mainly taught in the tutorial is the number of tools and the variety of techniques that are generally available on the vector graphics software. From learning to control the interface to changing the graphic objects to working with shapes, anchors, files, paths and managing the shapes, one get to learn everything.

Later on, they are introduced to types, effects, managing the designs with layers and working with images. Finally, they master the tips and trick and become very comfortable with all the tools that are available and save the design for the final use. Finally, a person masters the knowledge of working with the vector graphics.

Given below are a few tips for all the beginners of Adobe Illustrator.

  • Not being afraid of the pen tool

The open tool can initially be very scary for the beginners, but once you are able to tame it, be sure that you can do just anything in Illustrator.

  • Mastering the Clipping Masks

The masks basically limit groups of paths or shapes and have a number of other uses. Every beginner must learn this,

  • Embracing the Appearance Panel

Initially, you may find yourself duplicating shapes time and again for adding different fills over one another. The same thing can be done with a single shape with the help of the Appearance Panel.

The Adobe Illustrator CC Tutorial – Training Taught By Experts tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CC helps a beginner to keep researching and pushing himself. Taking part in the vector communities and challenging oneself is the best idea that one can have. There will be times when you feel that you are failing, and that is when you have to gather yourself and learn until you have mastered the skill perfectly.

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Other details about this course

  • Author: Created by Infinite Skills
  • Category: Design
  • Rating: As of 3/2017… 4.6 (869 ratings)
  • Popularity: As of 3/2017… 17,179 students enrolled
  • Language: English & captions available
  • Last updated date: Last updated 1/2017
  • Include: 11.5 hours of video, 1 article, 132 lectures
  • Device: Mobile devices and TV
  • Price: $50 (before discount)
  • Discount: 80% Off Udemy coupon
  • Requirements: PC or Mac
  • Targets: Designer, developer

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Take This Adobe Illustrator CC Course Now – 80% Off with Udemy Coupon!

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