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Do you want to know more about Amazon web services? Do you want to learn how to deploy an application over Amazon cloud-Amazon web services? Do you want to be qualified in working with AWS services? Here is just the right place to get started for learning everything you need to know about application integration tools and services.

About AWS Application Integration Services Course

AWS Application Integration Services is a new course released by Harshit Srivastava on Udemy, which will tell you how to develop and host games, applications and more on Amazon web services. In the course, there are 14 lectures in total and it only takes about 1.5 hours to get all things done. Thus, if you don’t have much time to get the AWS certification, then the course will be very helpful.

Let’s see what you will learn from each lecture

  • 2 lectures will give you a brief introduction to AWS, the instructor will tell you how to explore Amazon web services and create a AWS account
  • 2 lectures on teaching AWS CLI, you will know more about the command line interface
  • 10 lectures will give you a detailed explanation on Application Integration. The things you will learn include Amazon MQ, SNS, SQS, Step functions, SWS, and more.

What are the requirements?

Before learning the AWS Application Integration Services course, all what you need is about a willing to capture the course. This means that the course does not require any prior knowledge but your desire to master the AWS services.

Who are the targets?

The AWS Application Integration Services course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning application integration tools and AWS services. Whether you want to be able to deploy an application or hosting game on Amazon cloud-Amazon web services, this course will be very helpful.

About the instructor

The course is created by Harshit Srivastava, who is a self-taught developer on IBM Cloud, Bluemix. At Udemy, the instructor has over 14,348 students, most of his courses are well reputed. So, if you want to know more about application integration in detail, the course here is a right place to get started.

How to learn the course at only $9.99?

Time to learn? Want to learn the course without spending much money? The Udemy coupon code can give you a BIG discount up to 50% off. Finally, the price will be dropped down as low as $9.99.

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In a word. Never-stop learning can help you be more powerful and competitive in both life and working. If you are interested in learning a new thing, don’t hesitate to get started. Just do it and you will find more surprises about what you have learnt. To learn AWS integration tools and services, the AWS Application Integration Services course is recommended.

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Take This Course Now – 50% Off!

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